The D&I Index - Actions that work to drive progress

The D&I Index – Actions that work to drive progress  

Data’s crucial when it comes to measuring progress on diversity and inclusion. But currently too few firms collect data, and even fewer report their pay gaps or representation publicly.  

Organisations face difficulties in gathering accurate data; the UK operates on the principle of self-disclosure, and achieving good rates of disclosure requires trust, transparency and a leadership team who are comfortable talking about race. A lack of legislation (or even guidance) makes it difficult for employers to know what to do.  

Data’s important; it helps companies understand their starting point when it comes to moving forward in their diversity and inclusion journey and provides objectivity when assessing the impact of the actions taken. 

And it’s the starting point for helping you understand whether you’re on the right path - and can pinpoint where there’s a problem.   

The D&I Index 

The D&I Index has been designed and built by HR analytics firm HR Datahub, with the help of leading experts on D&I and a group of partner organisations including our own signatories, BAE Systems and Pennon. 

The index provides insights across five protected characteristics, including ethnicity, and gives advice and support to help organisations to improve disclosure levels and understand the actions that work to remove barriers for underrepresented groups. 

The index provides insights on four areas; representation, tenure, department and pay, allowing organisations to really understand the experience of underrepresented groups in their business.  A company’s score is then benchmarked so you can see how you compare against your sector, location and company size.   

Learn more about the D&I Index 

In a recent webinar on diversity data collection and benchmarking, David Whitfield from HR Datahub talked to us about their new D&I Index, which allows companies to objectively measure and track their progress across five key characteristics; gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and LGBTQ+.  

We were joined in the webinar by three D&I experts, Jonathan Briggs, Director of Diversity and Resourcing, Aviva, Sandra Kerr, Race Director, Business in the Community, and Harriet Padina, Diversity and Inclusion Community Manager at Siemens who shared their own experiences, successes and challenges around data collection, reporting, target setting and measurement.

Find out more about the D&I Index.

The objective way to measure the impact of your D&I programmes.

D&I Index Overview

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