Change the Race Ratio respond to the latest Parker review

Richard DeNetto CEO, Change the Race Ratio comments on the 2024 Parker Review findings.

“Congratulations to David Tyler and his team on the publication today of the 2024 Parker Review Report.

The publication of this Report marks the end of an important year for the Review.

We’re proud to partner with the Parker Review to accelerate ethnic minority representation in company boardrooms and leadership teams.

And today we’re proud of the progress our signatories are making; all of our FTSE350 signatories have met their target for board diversity, and only two of the top 50 private employers who are signatories are yet to achieve their 2027 target.

In addition, 85% of our FTSE350 signatories have set a target for senior management representation, compared to the 37% of the whole FTSE350 as reported in the review today

Our work with signatories has shown us that there is no one right way to make progress. But if you set and work towards targets and if you’re transparent and accountable, then you can start to create momentum and make progress.

As business navigates the complexities of an uncertain global landscape, integrating inclusive practices into the core business strategy has never been more important. 

Since Change the Race Ratio launched in October 2020, we have attracted and supported over 115 signatories to make change, including many businesses in the FTSE350, including companies such as BP, Diageo, GSK, Halma, ITV and Sainsbury’s

As a campaign we can show our FTSE350 signatories are leading the way on increasing leadership representation. Our latest data revealed a 25% increase in representation compared to 12 months prior.

Join us today to Change the Race Ratio in your boardroom and leadership teams.”


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