Accelerating racial

diversity in business.

Who we are


We are a group of senior leaders committed to taking action to increase racial and ethnic participation in our businesses.

We are campaigning for change, starting by setting targets for greater racial and ethnic diversity at the Board, ExCo and ExCo minus one. This must be accompanied by our commitment to publish those targets and our progress towards them, and the creation of a culture that enables diversity to thrive.

Founding Partners

Why now?

Progress is too slow.

The latest Parker Review report into ethnic diversity in UK Boards shows little progress has been made by businesses on implementing its recommendations: 37% of FTSE 100 and 69% of FTSE 250 companies surveyed still do not have any ethnic minority representation on their boards.

Diverse business leadership enhances business performance:

  • Profitability. Top quartile businesses of the most diverse executive teams are 36% more profitable than bottom quartile businesses (McKinsey)
  • Innovation. When employees ‘think their organisation is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included’, their ability to innovate increases by 83% (Deloitte)
  • Attracting talent. 61% of women and 48% of men assessed the diversity of a company’s leadership team when deciding to accept an offer (PWC)
  • Investors. Large investors are starting to act: LGIM will vote against FTSE chairs if their boards haven’t met the Parker ethnic diversity targets in 2022
  • Economic growth. Lack of ethnic diversity in business is costing the UK £24bn a year in lost GDP (McGregor-Smith review)
Businesses need to take action now.
  • Set and publish targets
  • Be transparent about progress
  • Create a culture that enables diverse thinking and talent to thrive

If we act now we can create a more diverse and inclusive business community, competitive advantage and a more equitable society.

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