Joined Campaign: November 2020

Why Moon Executive Search signed up to Change the Race Ratio

We believe in creating an inclusive culture in which talent from all diversities can thrive, focusing on recruitment and talent development processes to drive a more diverse pipeline.

We are proud to be one of the founding 50 signatories to this fantastic campaign to increase racial and ethnic participation in British businesses. Given that we operate at a Board level, we feel we have an important part to play in advising businesses on the benefits a truly diverse board can bring to their business and how to plan their senior management development for the future in this area. 

As a business, we are a strongly values-led organisation and we are proud to be distinctive, ethical and approachable in all our undertakings. Equity and Fairness is in our DNA and being a signatory to Change the Race Ratio helps with the message of ensuring a fair and consistent approach throughout the recruitment process.

Moon Executive Search powering diverse recruitment practices

In all our retained searches, we hold specific data relating to diversity, equity and inclusion and share this information anonymously with our clients to ensure they are meeting their own performance targets in this area. Our approach is one of positive action rather than one of positive discrimination when undertaking our board build client projects. We are fully used to reporting on our shortlists in terms of makeup, reach, diversity and inclusivity. 

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