Race Equality Matters

In collaboration with ethnically diverse stakeholders, who have direct lived experience of race inequality, Race Equality Matters has co-created free, practical solutions to help drive better diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These solutions have been shown to make a real meaningful impact on the drive for race equality.

Race Equality now has a community of more than 10,000 changemakers, engaging with 3500+ organisations reaching millions of employees.

Solutions to implement include;

  1. Tea Break - The need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

    78% of respondents believe Tea Break will help tackle race inequality.

  2. Safe Space - Moving from words to action.

    88% of respondents believe Safe Space will help tackle race inequality.

  3. Big Promise - Enabling everyone to play their part.

    83% of respondents believe Big Promise will help tackle race inequality.

  4. #MyNameIs - Getting everyone’s name right.

Encourages organisations and individuals to normalise phonetic spelling in email signatures, meetings, name badges and more. Launched during Race Equality Week, the campaign achieved 1.74 billion impressions on social media and 46,000 #MyNameIs searches.

95% of respondents said MyNameIs would have a positive impact on race inequality.

Solutions to engage

Race Equality Week

Race Equality Week 6-12 Feb 2023. 3,000 organisations were involved with Race Equality Week 2022.
Jobs Board

Organisation diversity does not reflect the communities in which they operate

The Race Equality Matters Jobs Board aims to be the solution to this problem.


REM Trailblazers highlights and showcases organisations that are implementing impactful solutions to drive race equality.

 It is more than an award. It will also enable REM to identify what works, to help us to create future solutions and share findings of what is actually driving the change.

REM Trailblazer status is determined by an independent panel of experts, all with lived experience of race inequality in the workplace.

Events programme

Access to Insights Experts, workshops and opportunities to Collaborate - REM has a jam-packed virtual events calendar that aims to enable organisations to implement solutions and be inspired to create change.

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