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Data’s important; it helps companies understand their starting point when it comes to moving forward in their diversity and inclusion journey and provides objectivity when assessing the impact of the actions taken.

We have been proud to work with Change the Race Ratio as one of our partners on our D&I Index. The D&I Index in an online tool on the HR DataHub intelligence platform, providing organisations with a clear and unbiased view on where they are on their diversity and inclusion journey.

Built solely on objective data, the Index uses four measures to evaluate a company’s performance across five protected characteristics (Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Disability, LGBTQ+). 

This data is loaded onto the HR DataHub platform where points are assigned and a ranking established. Organisations can identify which areas they need to focus on and use the knowledge centre and the community to put in place proven actions that make a real difference to their business and their workforce.

Click here to learn more about our D&I Index.

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