Equality Leaders

We are proud to partner with Change the Race Ratio as a team of aspiring change-makers, seeking to shift the needle on race equity in leadership. We remain values-led and committed to lifelong learning in building a more equitable world.

Our Purpose

We exist to accelerate learning journeys, craft spaces for bold and inclusive conversations, and provide the resources and tools to innovate equitable outcomes.

Our Values

  • Leading with courage to shape our future.
  • We partner with you to co-create sustainable change.
  • Impact. Driven to enable and embed intentional change.
  • Accountability. Holding ourselves and others accountable with transparency.
  • Lifelong Learning. Led by humility and an understanding we don’t know everything.
  • Courage. Leading with courage to shape our future.
  • Collaboration. We partner with you to co-create sustainable change.

 Our Cultural Intelligence CQ® Masterclass

CQ® is the capability to work and relate effectively in culturally diverse contexts and with people different to yourself. It enables leaders to leverage their strengths and better understand how to lead with curiosity, courage, collaboration, cognizance, and commitment.

This one-day course (delivered in-person or virtually) not only explores CQ® and its four capabilities in-depth but also deepens your understanding of cultural values, providing leaders with an actionable framework to grow their self-awareness and equip them with the evidence-based insights needed to navigate culturally diverse encounters to lead with personal impact.   

Delivered by our team of CQ® Certified facilitators, this learning experience is designed to be experiential, social and collaborative.

Organisations across the globe are applying CQ® to harness their potential in driving enhanced business outcomes for the people and communities they serve.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CQ offers a fresh perspective to enable a strategic approach to DE&I.

Leadership Development

CQ gives key decision-makers the self-awareness to lead with compassion and agility.

Team Performance

CQ enhances team capabilities to communicate and innovate effectively.  

Recruitment, Hiring & Promotion

CQ provides a framework to safeguard equitable decision-making.

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