Delta works with leaders, teams, and individuals to affect change that makes the workplace thrive, and a fairer place for all. Delta can meet you at any stage in your journey, working with you to meet your representation targets and equity and performance goals. We’re trusted to deliver on this by industry leaders, FTSE100 companies, and government organisations across the globe.

We believe that organisations are only as strong as their people, so their people need to be seen, heard, and given the opportunity to succeed, as organisations thrive when each person flourishes. We’ve made it our mission to make the workplace a more equitable space for all, regardless of race, gender, orientation, or another characteristic that makes them who they are.

At Delta, we’re not afraid to have hard conversations. We explore complex and sensitive topics and offer evidence-based practical actions to equip teams for success.

By focusing on your needs, goals and research evidence, we can offer a range of impactful solutions to suit your unique situation. With our adaptable approach, our experienced consultants will customise our services to align with your vision, listen to and capture the specific needs of your people, raising education and awareness through tailored content and practical skills application. 

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