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Why ED&I is important to Notting Hill Genesis

Equality, diversity and inclusion is paramount for our business. We understand the benefits and richness diverse teams can have, both at a team and organisational level and, crucially, that diversity allows us to create a safe space for our workforce, enabling our colleagues to be themselves regardless of their background. This in turn means we can attract talent from all walks of life, allowing us to work towards being truly representative of the communities we serve at all levels of the organisation and ensuring our residents feel seen and heard.

Why being a signatory to Change the Race Ratio is important to Notting Hill Genesis

Voluntary measures like Change the Race Ratio are important not only in highlighting the importance and benefit to government but crucially in ensuring our employees and communities we serve feel represented so we can better tailor our services to their needs. 

We are proud to have 33% of our board from ethnically diverse backgrounds and have gone a step further by creating a diversity champion at board level to ensure the conversation never stops. We look forward to seeing the change across the UK and reaching our target of 40% by 2025.

Read more about the actions Notting Hill Genesis are taking:
The latest ethnicity paygap report 
Race action plan and diversity and inclusion report 
Racial and ethnic minority representation targets 

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