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Why is ED&I important to F1 Recruitment

The marketing and communications industry has a long way to go before it can be said to represent society at large. At f1, we want to challenge the belief that the marketing and communications industry is not a serious career option for Black, Asian, minority ethnic graduates & school leavers. Our aim is for 20% of all marketing and communications professionals to come from Black, Asian, minority ethnic communities. And for this 20% to stay in our industry until they reach the very top jobs. The Change the Race Ratio commitments are in line with our mission surrounding increasing diversity at board level in businesses. It is important for us to join the other signatories in this campaign to enhance its impact for positive change. We are committed to diversifying the marketing and communications sector for good.

Our journey dates back nearly 20 years, when we began campaigning for stronger inclusivity and a level playing field for gender and ethnic minority recruitment in the marketing, PR and sports marketing industries.

Actions F1 Recruitment are taking to improve Ethnic Minority Participation in Leadership roles

As a progressive recruitment company we set out to change the face of the marketing and communications sector for good. We have made many advances in recruitment practices during the last few years which have resulted in over 25% of the candidates we placed in roles in 2021 coming from black, Asian, minority ethnic communities.

Further deadlines of our performance in placing ethnic minority candidates can be found on our website.

We are the co-founders of two of our industry’s most renowned inclusivity programmes NoTurningBack2020 and Back2Businessship. NoTurningBack2020, previously known as BAME2020, aims to spearhead change in our sector for black, Asian and minority ethnic talent to not only enter into the sector but to remain within it and achieve top level positions.

Back2Businessship2022 helps professionals to return back to their careers after having taken time out for caring purposes. Our sector loses talent every year for the latter reason and this programme, since its launch 8 years ago, has helped over 200 people return back to their careers. Find out about the programme and how to become an Ambassador Company.

Over the last 8 years f1 recruitment ltd has invested nearly £800,000 (about 30% of our annual pre tax profit) to support these social change programmes to help future proof our sector. We are paving the way for a global culture shift to build a more inclusive and sustainable sector and economy. In December 2021 we became a certified B-Corp putting societal change at the heart of our business objectives alongside our commercial goals.

More information about NoTurningBack2020.

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