Inclusioneering is an Inclusive Innovation consultancy.  We are striving to ensure that technology is built by, and equally benefits, every member of our diverse society, advancing humanity to a more prosperous, fair future. We are innovators, engineers, business psychologists and social impact change makers. 

As digital transformation sweeps across industry, innovations in engineering, technology and Artificial Intelligence increasingly touch all aspects of our lives, work and society. The potential benefits are huge, yet today they are not equally distributed.  We see disparate harms and biased outcomes impacting minoritized, marginalised and vulnerable communities. Yet, with an accompanying human transformation, we believe technology and engineering can, and will, be a force for good.  

We equip innovative technology and engineering organisations to deliver equitable, fair and trusted solutions to the world's grand challenges.  We offer talks, workshops, mentoring and consultancy, for data-led culture transformation for diversity, equity and inclusion, integrally linked with the innovation process, to deliver positive social impacts of products, operations and services.

Our approach is grounded in science; we analyse company data, culture, and business goals, be they regarding talent, innovation, customer satisfaction, or social sustainability. Drawing upon evidence-based best practices, we are partners on the journey to equitable and inclusive cultures, where everyone is recognised, respected, and valued, unleashing untapped talent and innovation. 

Inclusioneering is founded by Jo Stansfield.  Jo has built a 20-year career delivering excellence in technology and engineering.  Having pivoted her focus from the technical to human dimensions of engineering, Jo now works as a Business Psychologist.  She brings deep understanding of engineering culture, and lived experience within it, to her professional practice.

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