Leaders for Race Equity: Applications for 2023 now open

Leaders for Race Equity is a nine-month learning programme that matches CEOs with ethnic minority leaders in the ExCo talent pipeline. 

Its goals are to allow learning from each side and to create a ‘corridor of access’ for racial and ethnic minority talent to reach the ExCo.  

The programme is run in a partnership between Change the Race Ratio and the 30% Club. It is guided by inclusion and diversity specialists, Moving Ahead

Read here about the programme’s rationale and objectives - and how it works. 

The Need for Leaders for Race Equity 

A recent report from Advisory firm Green Park looked at the FTSE 100 and examined the composition of the Chair, CEO and CFO roles.  

Of the 297 individuals who occupied those seats, ten were from an ethnic minority background. And of the ten ethnic minority individuals, none were Black.  

Clearly the issue is not a lack of ethnic minority talent but is more an access issue; helping that talent reach the higher levels of an organisation.   

Leaders for Race Equity will build relationships through shared learning that will ultimately enable ethnic minority talent to reach ExCo.  

How the Programme Works 

Leaders for Race Equity pairs CEOs with senior executives that are ready for an ExCo appointment in the next two to three years.  

This pairing is one that lasts for nine months and takes place during a structured learning programme. The programme allows individuals who are working towards the ExCo to have the benefit of strategic guidance and advice from someone who has already reached that role. 

Leaders for Race Equity also provides an opportunity for a CEO to listen, learn and understand the lived experience of an ethnic minority professional who’s navigating an organisation  

During the course of the programme, cross-company listening circles will bring opportunities for deeper insight and discussion on key topics that support the learning and development of stronger racial and ethnic diversity agendas. 

Summary of Objectives 

The aims of Leaders for Race Equity are to;  

  • convene and support businesses to make progress together. 
  • enable leaders to connect to the lived experiences of a racial and ethnic minority ExCo -1 to -3 talent. 
  • create psychologically safe spaces for CEOs, ExCo –1 to –3 talent as well as HR Directors and ED&I Directors to share their ambitions, vulnerabilities and ideas. 
  • enable and empower racial and ethnic minority talent by providing access to a community of CEOs. 

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